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Tory Haggerty


Tory Haggerty is a best-selling author and compliance professional who has taught dozens of compliance topics to thousands of bankers over his 15-year banking career. He started out as an FDIC commissioned examiner and has sat in about every seat since including compliance officer, auditor, and now CEO of a consulting company. He has completed the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado and has earned five industry compliance certifications. In 2020, he retired from the Air National Guard as an officer with more than 20 years of distinguished military service. He is the founder of “Tuscan Club University”, launching the nation’s first ever commercially available fair lending school and fair lending certification. Tory is passionate about compliance and helping other people understand this often-complex topic.

In 2022, Tory published his first book, ‘Unfair Lending: Why Discrimination In Banking Still Exists And How to Prevent It.’ His book immediately reached the Amazon best-sellers list and is successfully helping others in the industry. He has also written many compliance articles and has been asked to speak at several banking trade associations. Some of these include Iowa Bankers Association, South Dakota Bankers Association, Nebraska Independent Community Bankers, and the Association of Credit Unions and Risk Professionals. He leads the BankIn Minnesota (formerly ICBM) compliance professionals’ group and has spoken at the Ncontracts annual Ngage event. He is also an instructor at the Graduate School of Banking in Colorado.

Since Tory has been a regulator, compliance officer, auditor, and now consultant, he’s been able to see banking from all angles. He quickly relates with his audience and is able to inject humor into often dull topics. Through the power of storytelling, he relies on his years of real-world experience to relate topics in a way listeners can easily understand and quickly use. Rather than just provide theory, he injects viable solutions into his training.


‘Unfair Lending’ Book

Written by Tory Haggerty

Tory takes a deep dive into the banking and lending industries to discuss how discrimination is often built within a lending program. Using the loan lifecycle of fair lending risks concepts, he walks you through getting a loan and the discrimination that can happen in the process. He also uses real world examples of how financial institutions have discriminated in the past and offers simple solutions on how to prevent discrimination in the future. His book is easy for any reader to follow along, and it’s designed to be read in just a few hours.


Fair Lending School

Our Fair Lending School and certification program is compliance and audit training created to give you the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to build a strong fair lending program and do your job with confidence.

This school was designed to train financial institution compliance and audit professionals about fair lending risks and how to review for and mitigate those risks. We educate you on all fair lending issues within the loan lifecycle, but the training goes so much further to teach you how to actually review and audit for those risks at your institution.

The best part – this is not just education. We will educate you on fair lending risks, but we also teach you practical methods for actually reviewing and auditing your fair lending program. This is an all-in-one training course for those that struggle to understand and review for fair lending risk. You can even get certified as a Fair Lending Expert (FLE) upon completion of the program. Our prestigious certification has been earned by compliance officers, audit professionals, and regulators. Show the industry the knowledge you have gained through our FLE certification program.

Lenders of all sizes and structures can find great value in the materials we present in this course.



Tory has authored many articles on compliance and fair lending for industry trade organizations across the country.

Tory is always willing to share his knowledge. If you are interested in having him write a compliance or fair lending article for your publication, contact him to learn more.



Tory is a dynamic speaker and has delivered presentations for many groups and organizations including:

  • Association of Credit Unions and Risk Professionals
  • South Dakota Bankers Association
  • Iowa Bankers Association
  • BankIn Minnesota (formerly ICBM)
  • Nebraska Independent Community Bankers
  • Local compliance groups around the country



Contact Tory to book a speaking engagement, inquire on a written article, and much more!


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